Our Product

We are Quality Products, We are Exceptional

Over the decade, our product range has expanded from consumer products and electronics to automotive and even medical components. Every new project gives us the impetus to push our limits and be the best that we can be. Our products include:

  • Gears & Pulleys
  • Audio Equipment
  • Automotive Parts
  • Medical Devices

Our Capabilities

  • High-speed, multiple cavity, full hot runners available.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Short cycle time.
  • Steel chosen for different positions of mould.
  • The Hot runner is critical in manufacturing medical devices; only Amcology which is medical and food grade compatible will be used.
  • Only reputable hot runner systems will be used, ie. Ewikon, mold maoter for hot tip in the hot runner system.
  • We also calculate residences’ time, screw and utilisation for the proper injection unit to be applied.
  • We provide one-stop solutions by specifying injection moulding machine specifications for different plastic materials and products, the auxiliary equipment such as water cooling, flow rate, pressure distribution, dehumidifier, pneumatic system etc.
  • OEM moulding for medical devices’ components.
  • Our products export to local and overseas market.

We Offer Steelworks of any Complexity!

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